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 I shouldn't even be here

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PostSubject: I shouldn't even be here   Tue Sep 06, 2011 5:06 pm

I mean...I'm like 40, according to my drivers license...and an engineering student. I should be raising kids or building home equity or something. I did my homework, so that's done. I broke up with my girlfriend because she has two kids from two different guys and wanted me to be the daddy to both of them.

She was moaning how my car doesn't have cup holders in it. She almost spilled gatorade in my car, and she hollers at me! "Every car I see has cup holders in it!" she says.

I'm like, "It's a BMW. It's meant for driving, not for picking little Brandon and Brianna up from soccer practice."

We both got the point at that moment. Childrens' car seats do not fit into the back seat of a 325i, and even if they could, they shouldn't.

I like lasers. I'm going into optical engineering. I got this laser that you can actually lase the surface of the moon with. You'd need one hell of a telescope to see the dot, but it's still pretty cool. Thing'll burn your retinas out. So, safety first.

Let's see...scuba diving, lasers, BMW's, and Star Wars are all pretty cool.

And Regular Show
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I shouldn't even be here
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