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PostSubject: FORUM GUIDLINES.   Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:49 am

As far as rules go, I'm pretty lenient. Unless it's something REALLY OMG BAD, chances are, I'll just warn you and that'll be the end of it. BUT STILL, we have to have some rules. What kind of admin would I be if there weren't?

So yeah, let's get on with this..

1. Limit the use of foul language.
I really don't have a problem with 'bad words' just as long as they aren't used to insult anyone.

2. Please respect other people and their opinions.
Because not everyone thinks the same way as you..

3. Do not post ANYTHING inappropriate.
By this I don't just mean pornographic images..but basically anything else that might be deemed "offensive material". If you need help deciding if something is inappropriate, feel free to PM me or one of the moderators.

4. Please use spoiler tags when they are necessary.
More information HERE.

5. Do not spam everywhere.
If you feel the need to post random nonsense, please go to the SPAM SECTION of the forum!

6. Do not bash Regular Show.
If you don't like it, why did you join?

..And that's pretty much it. Just use your common sense (assuming you have it) and there shouldn't be any problems!
Oh yeah and HAVE FUN!

-Steph (Admin)
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