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 Hi! I'm Finn

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PostSubject: Hi! I'm Finn   Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:40 pm

My name is Finn. I've gone by many names during my time on the internet, so, if it's easier for you, you can call me Syd.

Well, obviously, I love Regular Show. I watch it every week with my dad. We both get a kick out of it - especially when we try and relate back to 2 In The AM PM. The character designs, and the concept, are both great.
I love cartoons, in general. Speaking for Cartoon Network, I like most of their cartoons. Flapjack, by leaps and bounds, is my favorite. It serves as a great inspiration for me and my career (I want to go into cartooning).

I'm a pretty nice and friendly person. ^^ If you'd like to talk, or if you want to know more about me, let me know! I'm happy to be here.

~ Syd
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Hi! I'm Finn
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